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Body Treatment

Body Treatment

1 treatment allow 2 hours

3 treatments 1 to 2 weeks apart

Specialised  Body Treatments

For cellulite, jodphur thighs, tired heavy legs as well as skin slackening. A cold wrap treatment, highly effective in eliminating excess fl uid & toxins from the tissue, activating coetaneous circulation, toning the skin & increasing elasticity. Includes full Body exfoliation.

Allow 1 hour includes a mini facial

Toning Body Wrap

For silhouette refining. A gel wrap based on highly concentrated Algae Extracts-Fucus to help remineralise and detoxify the skin tissue, while assisting in the reduction of fatty deposits. Leaves the skin toned and radiant.

Allow 1 hour includes a mini facial

For an intensive remineralising exfoliation containing Natural Sea Salts & Marine mud to eliminate dead skin cells, refine skin texture & invigorate the entire body by activating microcirculation. Includes reflex activity of the feet. Complete this with a full body relaxation massage.

Allow 2 hours includes a mini facial

Adaptable to your needs for silhouette refining, detoxifying, reviving or aiding relaxation. Combining the well-being of the Ocean & Marine Minerals together with natural essential oils to suit specific concerns. Complete this with a full body relaxation massage

Allow 2 hours

Aroma Slender – Aroma Detox – Aroma Vitality – Aroma Relax with a facial you use

Slim and Sculpt

Taking care of one’s body has been one of women’s major concerns since the dawn of time. Now Thalgo takes care of this with the brand new Slim & Sculpt range - a complete and personalised solution to fight against fatty deposits, dimpled skin and skin sagging. The Slim & Sculpt treatment, you’ll find active products and specific movements, orchestrated in harmony to offer dual Slimming and Firming actions. The Sculpting treatment, based on the principles of the Russian School of Massage, is an effective and pain-free treatment that is exclusive to Thalgo. Gradually, over a course of treatments, your body is resculpted and rejuvenated; you can see a real change in your shape and feminity. Giving both results and sensations, Slim & Sculpt envelops you with the scents of cocoa and ginger, to stimulate all your senses. This 2 hour treatment is made up of a full body exfoliation, Modelage de la Mer Welcome Massage, then Zen Massage and Body Mask.

Finish this sublime treatment with body balm application.
Aroma Relax with a facial you use

Pelactiv Body Treatment

Back purifying treatment…allow 45 mins incuding a mini facial
Glamorous legs…allow 45 mins incuding a mini facial
Bikini line…allow 45 mins incuding a mini facial
Hand or feet…allow 45 mins incuding a mini facial

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Let’s face it, we all want the red-carpet look: flawless, smooth, glowing skin explores all the different ways of getting hair-free this summer.

How to Protect Your Skin In the Sun

A sun-kissed look was once synonymous with beauty and health, but since we now know more about the sun’s effects on the skin, we’re beginning to take notice, and take cover.

How to Get Perfectly Smooth This Summer

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A Pale Girls Guige

For a girl with naturally fair skin, growing up in Australia can be a difficult task.  Our nation embraces it's beach culture and being outdoors as much as possible, and throughout the years we've developed the mentality and been led to believe that "tanned is beautiful".  It's often assumed that we as Australians will all have that naturally sun-kissed glow.  So what if you don't?  Here are some tips for learning to embrace a naturally fair complexion, and how to make it work for you during summer.

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