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Hands and Feet Beauty Treatments

Neglecting your nails while taking care of the rest of your body may just be one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make in the fashion world. Chic people definitely do not overlook this matter. They do pay attention to their nails and know that it is essential to have pretty looking ones in order to look stylish and trendy.

At Total Indulgence, we provide a full nail treatment service in Perth for both hands and feet. Our manicure and pedicure service are exceptional and will be delivered to you by our friendly, well-trained nail experts. Not only do we have abundant experience, but we are also held to the strictest sanitation standards during nail treatment service to ensure the best results.

Obvious benefits that you would be deriving from nail professionals like us include enhancing the nails appearance, stronger nail growth and conditions, helping you overcome nail biting, and dealing with ingrown nails.

Manicure Service

ManicureAt Total Indulgence, we provide two main packages. The first is a standard manicure treatment. This package includes nail filing, nail shaping, cuticle work, buffing, and polishing. The whole process takes around 30 minutes.

The second package is a spa manicure package. This package adds a little extra treatment on top of the standard manicure. You can expect nail filing, cuticle work, nail exfoliation, paraffin mask, hand and arm massage, nail buffing, and nail polishing for this package. Because of the extra work, please allow 45 minutes for the whole process to be completed.

For those who are not looking for a comprehensive treatments, you can also ask for individual treatment such as nail shaping, buffing and polishing, paraffin hand treatment, or paraffin treatment with any add on treatment. We can certainly tailor our service to compromise with all your nail requirements.

For the best results, obtaining weekly manicure is recommended.

Pedicure Service

PedicureAlthough manicures are important, you simply cannot leave your feet unattended. At our salon we also provide a full range of pedicure service for our customers. The service can also be separated into two packages.

The first is a standard pedicure package. This includes nail filing, shaping, cuticle work, buffing, and polishing. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Your nails would be good to go within merely 30 minutes.

The second package is a spa pedicure package. This package comprises of nail filing, nail shaping, cuticle work, nail exfoliation, a relaxing foot mask, foot and leg massage, nail buffing, and polishing. Spa pedicure involves a number of process, and therefore will require an hour for all the process to be delivered.

Other single pedicure services are also available at your demand. For example, you can ask for French polish service to add an elegant look to your nails in case you only have a quick 15 minutes before your date. Our salon is highly flexible and are very pleased to accommodate to your schedules.

To optimally take care of your foot nails, it is recommended to visit our salon every four to six weeks.

Nail Care at Home

In addition to a proper care you would regularly receive by our technicians, it is essential the nails are looked after on a regular basis. Here are basic suggestions on how to take care of your nails.

Firstly, whenever you need to work with chemical substances or water, always have gloves or shoes on. You would not want to risk having your well-done nails to rip, split or peel, nor can you afford to risk suffering allergic reactions.

Do not apply artificial nails by yourself without proper knowledge. A lot of people misunderstand that this process can easily be done by applying glue to the nail but using glue will directly damage your nails. The safest way to get your artificial nails is to go to a salon and have a proper technician apply them for you.

The next tip is to maintain a healthy diet for healthy nails. Make sure your diet contains sufficient iron, otherwise fragile nails are hardly escapable. Soy products, lentils, spinach, eggs, fresh vegetables are examples of food that are abundant in iron. For stronger nails and faster nail growth, foods with high calcium and vitamin D are recommended.

Give your nails a light massage treatment. This method is easy and can be done at home by yourself. You simply dip a cotton ball in fresh lemon juice and use it to massage your nail one by one. After massaging all nails, leave them as is for a short period of time before rinsing them off with clean water.

Get Your Nail Treatment Today

It would be our utmost pleasure to share with you more information regarding our nail treatments in Perth. Give us a call now and schedule your next appointment at our beauty salon.

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