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IPL Treatments

iPulseTotal Indulgence is the premier leader in beauty technology. Are you bothered by sun damage or redness? Pigmentation or thread veins? Whether you are looking for a solution for age spots, wrinkles, or acne, Total Indulgence has both the knowledge and the most modern tools to get it done.

Undesired hair is an annoyance common to both women and men. Some people encounter unwanted hair from the time they reach puberty, while others experience a form that increases with age. Some women undergo additional hair growth during pregnancy or menopause.

IPL Solution

Imagine not having to wax, tweeze, or shave again. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is used by beauty studios and medical practitioners to perform various skin treatments including hair removal and photorejuvenation. It offers a long-lasting, non-invasive, and gentle solution to undesired hair on the bikini line, legs, back, face, or anywhere else on the body.

IPL is more advanced than laser treatments. Our company works with a technology which utilises a broad spectrum laser source, including a common spectral range of 515 to 1200 nm. The broad spectrum of the IPL light source makes them distinct and different from lasers, with their capability to filter the light spectrum to target various chromophores in the skin.

It is the first photo-epilation technology confirmed to treat unwelcome hair without harm on all skin types, from the lightest to the darkest.

In order to guarantee that our company can provide you with the best service available, you will be inquired regarding your skin type as well as past medical history in order to deliver the results you expect from a customised treatment program.

Permanent Hair Removal and Reduction Service

A concentrated, broad light spectrum is applied to the exterior of the skin with a manual wand by any number of our salon’s qualified estheticians. This light moves through the skin until it hits the bulb root of the hair or hair shafts. The bulb, as opposed to the rest of the hair shaft, is usually where the highest concentration of melanin is.

As light is transformed to heat energy, most of the hair shaft and the bulb are instantly vaporised. The strong heat emitted by the hair also terminates the papilla that creates the hair.

At any time, only active hair follicles can be destroyed by the treatment because not all hair follicles are active. Inactive hair follicles can be affected when they become active over time. An average of 8 to 10 treatments are required to remove most visible hair for IPL treatments at our salon.

Our trained estheticians will work tirelessly in order to ensure that the complete removal of your body and facial hair will be complete.

IPL treatments are effective for:

Sun Damage

Age Spots


Thread veins


Diffuse Redness

Skin Rejuvenation


Extremely controlled light bursts are captured by hair follicles underneath the outside of the skin. The selectively absorbed light heats up the hair, which both damages and then destroys the ability of the follicle to re-grow. This all happens without tissue damage of the surrounding area.

Suitable for All Skin Types

At our salon, we know that hair is distinctive and does not come in just one type or size. Glands in different parts of the body grow different types of hair. Hair can be in long, thin strands as well as thick, bushy patch. Hair is created in follicles found at varying thicknesses and depths from as close to the skin's surface as one millimetre to as deep as five or even more.

IPL's exclusive design gives you customised treatment based on the location, your hair texture, and body hair colour. All hair with, at minimum, at least a small amount of pigment in it, including black, brown, red, and even blonde can be treated effectively. IPL is the first photo-epilation process verified to successfully treat unsolicited hair on all skin types.

What Kind of Results Should I Expect?

IPL Technology has been established to make a permanent decrease in the number of hairs that grow again following each treatment. The number of necessary treatments depends on a number of aspects related to your specific kind of skin and hair.

A custom designed treatment program will be created for you, along with an approximation of how many treatments you will need in order to match your demands.

Schedule an Appointment

Allow yourself a chance to experience a technology breakthrough at Total Indulgence today, and let IPL help you eliminate all of your unwanted hair, improve your skin, and put an end to all your wrinkles. We offer the most cutting-edge IPL technology in Perth. Do not hesitate to call us now on 9355 0657 to schedule an appointment.

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