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Hair style is one of the first things people notice. Your hair is an expression of your personality and tastes, whether you are a neat person, or a fashion chic on the cat walk. If you are looking for a place where all your hair needs are met, you have come to the right place.

Total Indulgence offers a wide variety of Perth hair salon services ranging from hair extensions, hair cut, hair colouring, perming, hair repairing, keratin treatment, as well as other hair packages for you to select from.

In addition, we are a manufacturer of high quality hair products, so we guarantee the best prices for all regular hair products or custom made ones. All products pass a strict quality control.

The following services are available from our hair salon.

Hair Extensions


For people with short hair or want to add a little tweak without causing any damage to it, our hair extension solution is the answer.

We offer various extension of different looks such as regular ponytail, straight hair, and bulk. They come in different sizes and colours. However, if your desired sizes and colours are not already available, please let us know and we can produce them for you.

We are a specialised hair products producer that offers superior quality goods at unbeatable prices. We specialise in training heads, mannequin heads, human hair products, hair extensions, hair wigs, and tools.

Hair Cut

Our staff of experienced hair stylists will be able to help you with all your needs for getting a one of a kind, luxurious hair cut.

The most important thing our stylist is trained to do is be honest with you. Everyone thinks they look great, but an honest eye and friend will be there to lay it all out bare for you to see. They will be able to find out your strongest facial feature and tell you what your skin tone is.

Our stylists will help decide what colours suit your eye and what hairstyles suit you. They will also adjust the length either shorter or longer, and decide whether to colour or perm it. Next they will explain your face shape.

Face Shape

image - Face Shapes - roundA round shape is either the same or close to being as wide as it is long. This face shape should avoid hair down to the chin, heavy fringe, fullness on the side of face, as well as extra short crop styles.

Some good hairstyles for this shape include fullness or height at the crown of your head, hairstyles longer than chin length, off centre partings, while shorter hairstyles are best to sweep off the face.


image - Face Shapes - Oblong/RectangularAn oblong or rectangular face is longer than it is wide. These shapes should avoid long sleek styles or too much height as both will create more length. They should try short to medium hair to shorten the appearance of length, fullness at the sides, or soft wispy fringes in order to balance a slender face.



image - Face Shapes - Oblong/RectangularAn oval shape has a face length equal to one and a half times the width. They should avoid wearing too much hair on the face as this may lose the ideal face shape and could add weight to the face. Virtually any style suits this face shape, which is fantastic news.


image - Face Shapes - TriangularA triangular shape has a wide jaw and narrow forehead. They should avoid centre parts, and long styles that are full on the ends, as it will draw attention to a prominent jaw line.They should try shorter styles with fullness at the forehead, while more narrow at the jaw to even up the line. Lots of layers, or shaggy styles, will produce fullness in the upper part of your face.


image - Face Shapes - DiamondDiamond faces are widest at the cheekbones and narrowed at the forehead and jaw of approximate equal width. Instead of hiding your features, this shape should flaunt its distinctiveness. Most styles will suit as long as it is a genuine diamond. However, some hair should be kept at the back of the neck.



image - Face Shapes - HeartA heart shape has a narrow jaw line and is wide at the cheekbones and forehead. This type should avoid short full styles or slicked straight back severely. They should try styles below the chin in length, layers swept forward, sides parted, and fringes with less weight. Bobs down to the chin are best for balancing this face shape.


image - Face Shapes - squareLast is the square face, which is as wide as it is long. They should avoid centre partings or straight, elongating styles which accentuate a square-shaped jaw. Layered bobs ending above or below the jawline are good. Some hairstyles to try include short or medium length with wave and roundness. Height on the crown with wispy fringes is also recommended.


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