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Gorgeous Hair Colour Treatments

Whether you want to cover up grey hair, restore hair colour or simply wish to be up in the latest fashion trend, our salon at Total Indulgence has sufficient qualified personnel who can take care of all your hair colouring requirements.

Traditionally, hair colour was applied to the hair as one whole colour. One of the more popular trends is to apply a few colours to produce streaks or gradations. Not all work is done on top of a single base colour.

At Total Indulgence, our staff has an extensive background and expertise specifically in hair colouring. There is no need to worry that your hair will be damaged after the alteration of colour, nor the style you desire cannot be attained. We will make sure the end results match those pictures in your imagination.

We offer the following services at our salon:

Highlighting: Sections of hair are treated with lighteners, usually to create blonde streaks.

Lowlighting: Certain areas of the hair are treated with a darker colour.

Ombré: The hair is dark on the crown and gradually becomes lighter toward the ends.

Splashlights: The hair has a horizontal band of bleached hair which stretches from ear to ear.

All application techniques can be used with any type of colour. For highlights, the hair will sometimes have to be bleached before colouring.

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Choosing the Right Colour and Product

Selecting a new colour isn't that simple for most people. You need to make a choice centered on a deliberation of skin, hair, eye, and how all colours match your outfit.

We see light as different colours reflecting off of different surfaces. Light is split into distinctive colours you can see. This is what happens with hair colour except that you are adding or subtracting colours to change from one colour to another. This can also be done to change the undertones.

A colour shade is made up of various combinations of pigment reflections. This is why both natural and dyed hair colour look different under either fluorescent lighting or natural sunlight.

The hair colour levels are the amount of darkness or lightness of a colour seen by the eye. Hair colour is given a number of level from 1 to 10 with 1 being the darkest and 10 being the lightest. The lightest shades of blonde reflect the greatest amount of light and black reflects very little light. A level 8 blonde is two steps darker than a level 10 blonde.

When hair is lightened, it creates yellow-red, or warm, undertones. Mixing red and yellow yields orange, which is not usually a desired hair colour. Adding or subtracting colours can get rid of some of the orange tone but keep the warm ones.

The best hair colours for you if you have warm skin undertones are blue, bluish green hazel, and green. Topaz, amber, or coffee bean coloured eyes are good with golden hair with red highlights, as well as golden brown, honey brown, chestnut, copper, or mahogany hair.

With rosy pink, rosy beige, dark olive, dark brown or ebony skin tones, and if your eye colour is light blue, gray-blue, deep blue, deep green, brown or black, your better hair colour choices are plum and burgundy highlights, ash and platinum blonde, brown, dark brown, black, slate, salt and pepper and pure white.

The choice of your hair colouring product depends on what you are trying to achieve and how long you want your colour to last. Most start with a lower commitment level and move up to a higher level gradually over time.

If you see more grey, you should move to a product of higher-level.

The only kind of product that will permanently and totally cover any amount of grey is level 3. The strand test, which is always explained in home colouring packages, will confirm that you have chosen the right colour as well as product. This will let you have an opportunity to change your mind.

Hair Colouring Aftercare

Colour treated hair has a few requirements for maintenance. The following tips will keep your hair looking glamorous:

Use a shampoo created specifically for colour-treated hair

Wear hats to prevent your colour from fading and drying in the sun

Condition frequently

Don't brush your hair when it becomes wet, and instead use a wide-toothed comb

Blot your hair until it is dry

Do not wrap it with a towel or roughly dry it with one

Avoid over drying your hair and blow dry until the hair is just about dry, but not entirely

Book an Appointment

Feel free to give us a call and schedule an appointment at our salon. Hair Colouring in Perth with our esteemed hair stylists is a breeze and we look forward to you coming back for more.

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