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Eyelash Extension Services

At Total Indulgence, our qualified staff takes pride in providing you with the highest quality eyelash application. Our experienced lash artists are licensed estheticians and cosmetologists, and we provide free consultation.

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If you used to have unpleasant experiences at a previous hair salon, you would never have to worry that the same thing would occur at our salon as we are professionals who care about our customers.

For eyelash extension, we use a non-formaldehyde adhesive and a variety of lashes are available for customising. We offer our clients a 7 day satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get exactly the eyelash effect you are looking for.

We do not apply cluster lashes as lash extensions and we place them by attaching each separate eyelash. One single lash is applied right to your existing eyelashes to produce longer, more alluring, and thicker looking eyelashes.

All you have to do is just sit back as you relax while we intensify your eyelashes with your look you dream of. The application process is very relaxing and very much like receiving a spa service. We put you on a comfortable plush table where you have your eyes closed while we do the extensions.

Our salon pays attention to every possible detail to make sure every customer leaves our salon happy. Contact us today for eyelash extensions in Perth and we will be happy to provide additional information.


Due to its non permanent property, the extension will shed within 4 to 6 weeks together with your natural eyelashes. We understand that some clients enjoy the beauty of the eyes when the extensions are present, and therefore we provide our customers with lash refills so that they can keep the look.

Our recommendation to maintain a full lash appearance is via refilling every couple weeks. The amount of time the initial full lash extension set take is approximately 90 minutes, while eyelash refills can conveniently be completed within half an hour.


Some people may find it unnecessary or unfamiliar to keep last extension on until the next day.

Our salon completely understands and thus are happy to provide you with an eyelash removal service. We are frequently requested to supply restorative work or to take away extensions done by other providers.

Our existing eyelash clients are not entitled to pay a fee for an eyelash removal, if they decide at any time to take away their extensions. We are happy to provide you with a complimentary eyelash removal service.

Eyelash Extension Care

Aftercare is necessary to protect your investment in your lashes and obtain the best out of every individual eyelash application. Without proper care, you may face difficulties prolonging the life of the extensions. The list below are lash extension maintenance guidelines.

Keep your extension completely dry 1 to 2 full days after application. Avoid sweating otherwise the reactivated adhesive will cause the lashes to adhere to one another and bear a resemblance to mascara caked lashes.

Never allow moisture-rich products get onto your extensions. Oil based products such as shampoo, conditioner, heavy creams will gradually weaken the bond. Avoid getting them damp every way you can even if that means you need to put your head back while the hair is washed, take a bath instead of a shower, or even use swimwear, such as goggles, while showering.

After washing, reshape your lashes by carefully combing them. Spread them out or blow dry it on "cool" to put them back in order. When using a blow dryer, hold it arm’s length away from your face.

Never fail to pay attention to your own natural lashes. It is essential to apply eyelash conditioner and growth serum to keep the health of your natural lashes in good conditions. They help the hairs to stay in the scalp, which leads to stronger support for the extensions and better results.

Try not to pull your lashes for fun. Excessive contact can ruin your natural eyelashes. Should you wish to take permanently detach them, make sure to always get them removed professionally.

Why Choose Total Indulgence?

Applying extensions is a skillful and technical process. An unsuccessful eyelash extension can cause pain and damage to your lashes.

As opposed to other salons, our specialists are held to strict standards, use the safest products, and are professionals with numerous years of experience. Our combination of great expertise and quality services will show in the prolonged, natural appearance and feel, of your beautiful and eye-catching lashes.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking for a high quality eyelash extension service in Perth, our specialists are here to help. Request a quote over the phone or schedule an appointment at our salon. Contact us today and your lashes will be done by the best team in town.

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