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Treatments For Cellulite That Work

image - tri active a cellulite treatmentsCountless girls find themselves losing confidence wearing bikinis, or even when wearing shorts simply because conspicuous and unsightly cellulite appear all over their body parts including the legs, arms, buttocks, hips or thighs.

At Total Indulgence, we offer an ultimate solution to properly treat and tackle your cellulite issues and will help you regain your self-confidence. We adopt the latest TriActive technology from Italy and are ready to make your dreams come true once more.

Contact us today for cellulite treatments in Perth and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is not a medical condition that will harm us in anyway. It is merely under skin fat protrusion alongside connective tissue. Cellulite on the skin makes a person appear overweight, despite the truth that anyone can have it as well.

Main factors that escalate the level of cellulite encompass a high-stress lifestyle, excessive loss of body water, lack of physical activities, alterations of hormones, poor selection of food, and slow metabolism.

Having proper expertise regarding this matter, our expert team at Total Indulgence is capable of providing you with a professional treatment to significantly minimise the appearance of your cellulite on all areas of your body in no time.

Our Solutions

Since the 1990s, Endermologie was used to treat cellulite in France. The technique reallocates fat to different body areas and the appearance of cellulite will gradually diminish. It was the top of the line product in that era. Quite similarly, today at our salon we also employ the same standard of excellence as before.

Tri ActiveAt Total Indulgence, we adopt TriActive, currently the most advanced and effective technology to treat all our customers who have cellulite issues. Not only is it painless and non-invasive, it also ensures the well-being of our customers.

This technology commonly uses light-therapy device, which combines a comforting therapeutic massaging force with low level laser treatment for the gradual, but significant, reduction of cellulite.

The laser light device stimulates collagen production, a component of connective tissue that bind our cells together. It also breaks up fibrous bands under the skin and even melts underlying fat.

This treatment makes collagen more flexible in the bands. This light therapy procedure is then combined with a pulling force as well as manipulation of the skin to soften the fibrous bands of connective tissue that cause cellulite dimpled appearance.

The procedure can feel like a strong deep-tissue massage. You can expect to see up to a 50 percent reduction in dimples as well as in the topography and texture of the skin. The results should lasts two years or longer.

How TriActive Works

TriActive contains 3 Action principles: Cooling, Massage, and Laser.

Cooling: Localised cooling helps smooth the appearance of cellulite. The cooling system boosts the effect, and optimises reabsorption.

Massaging: The deep stimulating, massaging action on the deep tissue can be done before or after liposuction procedures. The rhythmic massage stimulates lymph-node drainage and tissue stimulation, enhancing restoration of the skin’s normal collagen elastic tension.

Laser: The six, continuous wave, diode lasers reactivates blood circulation. The deep laser stimulation enhances, boosts, and encourages new creation of vessels inside the skin. The laser light energy also has beneficial effects on fibroblast activity, or collagen production.

Applications for TriActive include:

Cellulite tightening

Compressing localised fatty tissues

Reinvigorating loose skin

Liquid absorption

Pre and post liposuction

Body and facial smoothing

Enhances blood circulation

Our customers cannot be happier with the end results TriActive technology has achieved for them.

Appearance of wrinkled skin is no longer visible, even if you make an effort to search for one. A smooth and tightened body can easily be achieved as well as a younger-looking, and a smoother face for customers who treat their face with TriActive.

The relaxing action on the skin helps refresh the face. Two special hand pieces are maximised for comfort. One for small areas and another for larger places. The multipolar technology of the facial handpiece decreases side effects and makes treatments of the face and neck areas easier.

The body handpiece uses bipolar technology to activate selective heating of the skin fold with a deep and localised action below the skin. The steady cooling allows it to preserve the more superficial layers also.

Body areas can includes the midriff, thighs, and buttocks. The Triple Action technology was developed to treat all body types including those that have undergone recent liposuction surgery.

Call Us for Perth Cellulite Treatments

Experience innumerable benefits from TriActive technology with us today. All you need to do is give us a call on 9335 0657 and make an appointment with us. Once you arrive at our salon, you can just relax, and let our skillful staff take care of the rest.

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